Accountable Government


We are matching our financial resources with goals that are clearer and more open to the public - and can be measured to work better, cost less and put citizen priorities first.

The City Council has set the goal of making Ventura a national model of accountable government by tracking our tangible progress toward achieving the 10 Strategic Visions in our 2005 General Plan. Each month, the City Manager and Department heads review two sets of "performance measures" to closely track progress. Each quarter, these are reviewed by the City Council in open session. The first set, Tier One, cover the numeric measures on everything from our crime rate to sewer line interruptions. The second set, Goals and Controls, track specific projects.We measure our "outcomes" based on both quantitative data as well as customer satisfaction.

Only a handful of cities in California track and report such a comprehensive set of objective measures. As with public schools, the Ventura City Council believes our citizens expect and need to know how we spend their tax dollars and how our community is progressing in achieving the Ventura Vision.

Improving openness, transparency and access

  • Adopted first General Plan in decades - on August 8, 2005 - after over seven years of public meetings, 200 workshops and input by thousands of residents - setting long-range goals for Ventura's future
  • Launched My Ventura Access (MVA) as a 24/7 online connection for residents to ask questions, request information and track service responses

Community Partner

Rose Hayden-Smith"Accountable government requires a real commitment on the part of staff to open up the decision making process in a way that engages residents in collaborative work and decision-making. It's much more diffi cult to engage rather than dictate. I applaud city staff for the kinds of tools they have made available to facilitate the process of community-building. I think that much of the passion and energy in this community - out of which so many positive things arise - is a result of that sense of collaboration and innovation."