Volunteers & Volunteers In Policing (VIP)



Volunteering at VPD

In 1989 the Ventura Police Department established a volunteer program.  Since then, hundreds of volunteers have donated thousands of hours to the department and our community. 

Volunteers are an essential component to the Ventura Police Department’s Community Problem Oriented Policing efforts. Volunteers have an opportunity to learn about law enforcement and help improve law enforcement services.

Our volunteer program increases community pride by allowing volunteers to serve as role models and most importantly, be part of a community program concerned with the common good and well being of the city we all love.

Types of Volunteer Programs We Offer:

  1. Traditional Volunteer Opportunities
  2. Volunteers in Policing (VIP) Program
  3. Volunteer Police Chaplains

1. Traditional Department Volunteer Opportunities

Ventura Police Department’s traditional (in-house) volunteer program offers volunteers an opportunity to be involved with nearly every aspect of the Department. 

Year after year VPD volunteers donate thousands of hours performing a variety of jobs.  Volunteers can choose to be involved in some of the more traditional functions such as:

  • Manning and Staffing Storefronts
  • Investigations
  • Gang
  • Administrative and Clerical
  • Training Division
  • Property Room Assistance
  • Crime Scene Unit
  • And much more


2.  Volunteers In Policing (VIP) Opportunities

In 2005 we introduced an enhanced volunteer program called Volunteers In Policing (VIP).  This program has been extremely successful to date and has exceeded all expectations.

Our VIP program allows volunteers to utilize a marked volunteer vehicle and wear the Department’s VIP uniform, including a badge, flashlight, and police radio.  Volunteers will participate in an 10-week comprehensive training program. 

The VIP program has clearly improved the level of service our department is able to provide the community.   VIPs perform a myriad of duties.  Many of the duties include:

  • Vehicle Patrol
  • Foot Patrol
  • Civic Engagement
  • Investigations
  • Taking & Completing Official Police Reports
  • Directing Traffic & Accident Scene Support
  • Enforcing & Citing for Parking Violations
  • Performing School, Critical Infrastructure, and Vacation Checks (Vacation Check Form)

VIPs Making a Difference in Our Community

The goal of the VIP program is to increase community member participation and allow volunteers to assist our Patrol Officers by responding to non-emergency calls for service, thus enhancing our officer’s free patrol and emergency response times. 

To date our VIP Program has graduated eight classes. We now have over forty VIP's patrolling the streets. Provided below is a snapshot of VIP accomplishments and what an impact they are having in our Community.

January 1 to December 31 , 2013.

  • Calls for Service, 807
  • Reports Written, 231
  • Non injury accidents, 97
  • Officer Assists, 161
  • Traffic Control, 149
  • Citations Issued, 172
  • Extra/Foot Patrol, 2,373
  • Vacation Checks, 270
  • School Checks, 1,582
  • Special Details, 24
  • Infrastructure Checks, 617
  • Patrol Miles Driven, 29,926
  • *Total VIP Patrol Hours, 3,153

*Only patrol hours, does not include training hours.

Volunteer Requirements

Volunteers participating in either program will be required to:

  • jfournell@ci.ventura.ca.usComplete an application (fill out and return to address shown on the form)
  • Take part in an interview (may be in person or via telephone)
  • Successfully pass a background check.

Additional requirements for the VIP Patrol program consist of:

  • Possessing a valid CA driver’s license
  • Being at least 21 years of age
  • In good physical health
  • And the desire to contribute a minimum of 16 hours per-month to the program.

So come and join the Ventura Police Department and the many others who donate their time in making our community a better place.

How To Get Involved

Interested in becoming a volunteer or a VIP? It’s free, it’s easy, and no experience is necessary. For more information, please call us or stop by - we’d love to talk to you.